MRP Mobile Deals

At MRP Mobile getting connected has never been easier. Get connected the MRP Mobile way, get the latest deal, choose your mrpmobile plan from prepaid, sim top up and contracts.

When you join mrpmobile, you enjoy the freedom to choose a cellphone package that suits your needs, you also get sim top up conveniently billed to your store card and as if thats not enough you get automatically top up every month.

MRPMobile Data Bundles pricing:-

mymrp 30MB R10
mymrp 50MB R15
mymrp 100MB R30
mymrp 200MB R60
mymrp 300MB R75
mymrp 500MB R95
mymrp 750MB R120
mymrp 1GB R149

Go Mobile with MRP Mobile – Always with a plan to suit you!