Loans for Bad Credit

South Africa has a number of best lending institutions and online loans that are designed for people with bad credit rating.
Listed below are some of the no credit check loan options available for South Africans:-

EC Loans is one fo the trusted choice for quick loans to South Africans regardless of their credit history, application process is online and you can expect a feedback within 2 hours after submitting your application, meaning that you get your cash quickly.

Blacklisted Personal Loans – is designed for people with bad credit rating is SA.AS a borrower you will not be asked to provide asset to secure a loan.You just apply online, submit your application and they will contact you for confirmation, and then then the loan is released to your account after approval.

Easy Cash Loans – this is a specialized lender who provides loans for people with bad credit thus helping them regain their financial freedom
Loan application is done online and if successful approval is made within a few minutes.

SA 360 Loans is not a lending financial institution but rather they help people to get loans by searching for registered credit providers for blacklisted persons.
All you need to do is to fill an online application, and SA360 Loans will match your application with a suitable lender.
Once they get a lender and the loan is approved, the money is paid into borrower’s bank account. They also offer supportive credit programs designed to help their customers improve their credit scores.

iLoans offers online money lending to South Africans who have been blacklisted on account of bad credit rating. After submitting an online application form, iLoans assesses the borrower’s situation and decides on what they can afford to repay. Once you apply for a loan with iLoans, the approval takes approximately 48 hours before it’s paid into the account.

Note that easy cash loans lends to those over 18 years and are permanently employed.