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Buying your own home can be a very good idea and a long term investment and can be very exciting.Most home loans are repaid over a period of 20-30 years.

Capitec in partnership with SA Home Loans is now offering home loans to Capitec clients and helping more South African to purchase and own homes.

How do I qualify for a home loan?
According to SA Homeloans, if you earn a regular monthly income you’re well on your way to getting your home loan approved. One of the most important factors a home loan provider will use when they consider you for a home loan is your loan affordability. This is based on what you earn compared to what your monthly loan repayments could be.

There are a number of other things the loan provider will take into account when they consider you for a home loan.

Some of the most important ones are:

– Age
– Income and job stability
– Other additional income you may have
– Credit history
– Other debt
– The size of the deposit you can put down
SA Homeloans will also not approve a home loan if the repayments are more than 30% of your single or joint gross monthly income.

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